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The Beijing Perfect Inn (Beijing Bofeite Jiudian) is within walking distance of the Lama Temple (Yonghe Gong) and Sanlitun Bar Street,  a trendy Beijing nightlife destination. Accommodation in this Beijing hotel include queen,  twin and triple rooms,  all equipped with LCD TVs,  satellite TVs and free internet access. In some select rooms,  there are refrigerators and bathtubs.
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住客评论 79条评论     3.3分/5分 更多
  • Julierowe
    Great location, affordable, great front desk staff, clean Asia is also very good, next to Beijing, also lived here ... ...
  • doctor798
    It's OK
  • m01943611
    Overall was worth the price, after all, location near the drum tower and characteristic of a little background to come out, but the building is vintage, dilapidated facilities, and the network is very easy to use, out of the WIFI can be used near the front desk, on entering the room, no, rooms on the first floor and even mobile phone signals are isolated, entered the room without the Internet.
  • xaiobaili
    Room smell was heavy, direct live
  • aguang617
  • blue_coast
    Can bus, no photos, room is not very good on the first floor and later for the third floor, you can also, near nanluoguxiang and Houhai, and close to the drum tower, good location
  • post_rain
    Worse, anything for money, even toiletries washing your hair for money, no money, no, bad
  • mei0112
    Very bad, very dirty.
  • Dieter G
    Extremely poor. the pictures should be online on the Internet ... ... This 60 bucks is a small hotel, very very dirty, very small. bed length of 1.6-meter. is sandwiched between the two walls. is very small, very poor ... ... Very expensive ... ... Parents come to visit, could only be forced to upgrade their Deluxe rooms, Deluxe also like to, at the very least like a more than 300, he should be 500, and given more than more than 200 ... Ah ... ... Never to come again. this hotel is broken broken falls, killingYou don't know where the next time the purpose of live now.
  • puma0
    Is too general
  • George-Pang
    The room was so small
  • e01886539
    Good location, snacks around a lot of very authentic, before leaving the nanluoguxiang and Houhai sea is very close
  • jayxue
    Filthy zone
  • luoying_am
    Very good, very convenient
  • alanxiang
    Hotel is generally right, but the location is really good, not, say, not to mention in the Metro station just around nanluoguxiang yandai xiejie is enough for me to play this one for a day or two, very, very good?
  • breadwinner123
    Good. very quiet hotel. from the South Gong and drum lane near. the hotel staff were particularly good.
  • feetliu
    Good location, small rooms.
  • amenai
    Good location, convenient hotel services, is the bathroom a little unhealthy, counter of hand washing hair and so on,
  • li617
    Make do
  • simon wang
    And convenient transportation. Clean. good services. reasonable price recommended
  • rex1012
    Cell phone signal good difference on the first floor, phones are not out, WiFi, TV air conditioning is very old, can barely make use, room was very small, room 102, fix the bath taps can Ah!
  • bluedream666
    In General, but living
  • e01288655
    Special rooms is very small ... ... ... ...
  • adalab
    Well, had to spit slot about this hotel, room is small, should said is very small, stores at to has I two a room of select, a room toilet in shower nozzle of are below, not know how design of, I station in where bath does? another room more flower, bathroom full transparent, I with children live of, bath right did? say Xia Internet, stores of WiFi I on no boarded had, not cannot connection is connection Hou cannot Internet, alas
  • anrenli
    Nice in Beijing, and I upgraded my room, that's so sweet
  • liucreative
    Forced fucking thing
  • billpb
    The room is too small, and quite generally
  • tixon2
    Good, old
  • aldongguan
    Nice, the location is very good, enthusiastic stores, clean, highly recommended
  • e00000425
    Hotel start faucet is broken, the wireless signal is not good, but service is settled, around nanluoguxiang, Bell Tower, drum tower, Houhai and qianhai, are very close to a metro station.
  • bressanon111
    Was very close to sea
    Fair to middling
    Hotel's health is so bad and the service is super bad, 5 o'clock in the afternoon, said room was not clean, but near the South Gong and drum Lane, shopping convenience
  • e02524101
    Health, near Metro station
  • e00663989
    Environment line
  • batimmx
    Around environment is good, away from shichahai and South drums Xiang are not far, is Hotel health, facilities and service are poor, can see reptile, last day left-package actually by hours charges, also not reminded we attractions has left-at; also has prices different of front desk claims also not as, management compared mess; in it here set wall tour also not told also has additional at their own expense project, price also than others received of high, General not satisfaction.
  • giftmao
    Small room, quilt is full of holes ... very clean. toilets all bugs
  • MonicaSS
    Near nanluoguxiang and Houhai travel very convenient
  • Antoine-Li
    Make do
  • m918 love life
    In addition to location, nothing. This is the characteristics of the capital. than Chengdu far worse.
  • edwin86919
    Room was very small, bed linen, sheets are very fashionable, wireless networking is very poor, inadequate, and disposable slippers to buy
  • angiejin
    Good location, service can also, facility is too bad, bad sanitary conditions.
  • maran320
    Poor home
  • blueberry685
    It's OK
  • deletea1
    Great location, Wi-Fi signal?
  • SammyLuo
    Hotel is located near the South Gong and drum Lane, traffic is very convenient. night out shopping chiyexiao. the price is well worth it. But still I do not recommend to stay in this hotel, said the hotel is 'higher' address. the small hotel can only be described as normal. I had a group of standard big bed room, away from the front desk was very close to night noise not merely bad, said nothing outside can be heard clearly, 10 points to call help desk and get it down in front, the firstSaid no one speaks, calls not answered after. I call in the room can hear the phone ring. This is one second, said nearly 20 rooms online, the actual area is less than 10, only to have a place to walk, more places are not. Third, which hotel room long enough. I am 165 long enough, not to mention my boyfriend few height 180, one foot hanging out all night. Sleep a night I have aA summary; I've been imagining seeing movie night. because it really is very noisy
  • AndyYang
    Hotel space is too small, smelly, also did quite well but there
  • freemanli
    Went with friends. in General feels fine. leave Hainan after Gong and drum lane near-
  • asura
    Bad, very bad
  • sammi_g
    Sleep, suddenly the waiter brush opened my door!